Contact us for custom programs!  We are designed to work in collaboration with your vision.

We offer youth and adult programs to help develop the ability to delve deeper into the wild.   Some of those offerings include:  rites of passage trips, teacher-training/developing mentoring skills, friction fire, natural movement, tracking, bird language, wild harvest food and medicine, fiber arts, inner-tracking/discovering your gifts… and more!


Nurturing the Wild is on temporary hiatus!…   Please still reach out and ask for what you need, and thanks for checking in on us!  

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Youth Programming

  • Saturday Monthly — “Nature Ninjas!”  Day long adventure — Come join us!  Class for 8 -11 year-olds. 
  • Fridays weekly – “Sprouts!”  :  Class for  5, & 6-year-olds.  9am-1pm, Upcountry
  • Monthly weekend trips for teens –  “Unplugged”

Adult Classes:

  • Women’s Skills Class
  • Friction Fire Skills Workshop