Past Programming

Check out some of what we’ve been up to!…

  • Weekly Programs — “Wild Ones” & “Owl Ninja Explorers”
    • 2015-2016 school year, we had two groups that got to go deep for the year, meeting weekly & bi-weekly.  We played lots, planted trees, learned about the plants, animals, and bird, trailed deer, made fire and bows and maps, were met lots of blindfold-challenges, and culminated our year with a shelter overnight sleeping in the shelters we built!  Thanks for coming out, everyone and committing in a way that allowed us to really deepen our skills and connection!
  •  Storytelling and Adventure Day!
    • Open pro-bono day; Maui Homeschool group 4-13 yr olds — We spent the day in the forest with a story of how Maui made fire, a demo of friction fire, song, and an adventure in the forest full of games and exploration!
  • Friction Fire Skills Workshop
    • Workshop event; Hosted on Pono Grown Farm Center —  We met and each made our own bow-drill kits and learned technique and tricks to making fire by friction.  Awesome day with a whole bunch of stoked inspiration and first coals!
  • Birthday Celebration!
    • Private party; We lead a birthday crew on an epic scavenger hunt with maps and challenges along the way – teamwork and games – to earn the subsequent clues.  We ended at a treasure-chest hidden in a fort.  Pretty epic!…


  • “Pono Grown”  Farm day!
    • “Pono Grown” Nature Awareness and Garden Adventure! … We played nature-connection games, planted “Royal Poinciana” trees, told stories, and had a ton of fun!