About us

Nurturing the Wild guides us in returning to original, natural ways of learning and being.   We believe in a style of mentoring that challenges, excites, and informs the mind while simultaneously inspiring and awakening the heart.   We provide a container for people to connect to their innate passions, the encouragement for whole-person development, and the subtle guidance towards deepening knowledge of the natural world.

The mentors guide primarily through storytelling, games, and through learning and practicing ancestral-skills.


Our mentor team: 


Olivia Lovisa Pollock is trained as an environmental educator, and has a deep passion for mentoring with a focus on nature connection, inner-tracking, survival skills, and rites of passage work.

Olivia has a BA in ‘International Intercultural Studies’ and is in process of receiving a Masters in ‘Education, Curriculum, and Design.’    Olivia has worked extensively in an adult wilderness and community immersion program at Wilderness Awareness School in Washington state, expanding her path with ancestral skills, as a naturalist, and deepening into her gifts as a mentor.

Olivia is passionate about spreading heart-living, aliveness, and a deep love of the Earth to future generations.  She especially loves connecting with the things that naturally bring children alive, storytelling and story listening, imagination, song, making friction fire, ceremony, and hand crafts (currently having fun with food and medicine plants here on Maui, quicky bamboo bow-making, and fiber and basketry work!)  Olivia is excited about helping hold space, witness, and guide folks into stepping more fully into themselves and into their lives through nature-connection and rites of passage.

*Certified WFA and CPR


Jaime Torre

Jaime is a tracker, life coach, and survival skills practitioner.

Coming from an admittedly biased fan, Jaime is a phenomenal storyteller, a master of ninja games, an exceptionally skilled teacher, a wizard with animal forms, and pretty damn good at handstands.

Jaime loves helping others recognize their power and passions, systems thinking, practices that enhance agility of mind, body, and spirit, and coyote mentoring.  Jaime specializes in teaching skills to adults.

*Certified WFA and CPR


Kelley Janes

Kelley has been living on Maui for nine years. She is a proud mama of two children, who are now 18 and 15.

Prior to moving to Maui, Kelley was located in Port Townsend where she was a community organizer and teacher to her children and groups of children.  She was also an informal support teacher in a Waldorf preschool in Port Townsend. Here on Maui, Kelley has taught as a support teacher in the kindergarten and as a highly utilized sub in early childhood programs at Haleakala Waldorf School. Kelley’s primary work for the last thirty years has been organic farming and gardening. Over the years Kelley has sought out training in a variety of settings to help her build her toolbox and be more effective in teaching children of all ages.

Kelley is passionate about supporting children in spending as much time outside as possible, developing what she calls “nature literacy.”  She believes in the power of being in nature to bring the world into deeper connection.  Kelley loves her family, her garden, weaving, work that helps us fall in love with the Earth, and because she is humble, I will announce for her a part of her true identity as an all-around plant-wizard!